This year we are only putting the motorcycles on the carnet. Your Kit is a personal item so doesn’t need to be on there. Spares/fluids are consumable so should not be on there either. Tools should look like they are dedicated to the bike, then there are no questions.


On-site services: At parc ferme there is a:

  • KTM parts vendor/dealership
  • Food truck (please support him so that its there for next year)
  • Workshop
  • Payable mechanics….and they are good too.





  • Remove as much fuel as possible
  • Attach V5 – so you don’t forget.
  • Disable starter if you know how. Usual single plug behind headlight or disconnect the battery. We also have caps to fit over the start buttons.



Please use a large riding “Gear Bag” if you have one.



Either in your Gear Bagor in a boot bag (preferred), if loose they should be taped together.



Minimal stuff again. Either on your bike or in your Gear Bag. There is a KTM dealership with spares at parc ferme.



Yes, but tape together if more than one


Tyre changer/levers

Nominate somebody to bring one and share. Prefer a packable one.


Wheels !!!

Not very keen because they are difficult to load but above all are non-consumable and should go on the carnet so could cause issues. Again I am sure the workshop at parc ferme can supply a rim if shit happens. But if you need to take one, then please do.


Fuel Cans 

Are not required. There are petrol stations on the routes each day and one 5 mins from parc ferme. If you want to bring one please make it Empty, 10 litres max and plastic.



Just the essentials and put them 

  • into your gear bag
  • or in a shallow plastic box that will slide under your bike and is no wider than the bike if possible. There is a workshop on site for all the difficult fixes.


Please label the crap out of everything