MADRON ’24 / 2nd – 5th October

The same MadRon, but with XL epic-ness

MadRon attracts riders from across the world and takes place in the stunning hills surrounding Porto, Portugal. The event spans 4 days, testing the endurance, skill, and determination of every participant whether riding the easy or hard options. MadRon is proudly run in association with Extreme XL Lagares.

MadRon is the orignial non-timed hard enduro that is both hard and fun.

Places are limited. £100 desposit secures your place at the price that applies at the time of booking. The deposit whilst being non-refundable can be transfered to another rider.

FYI: Selling your place at the last minute can be a shrewed move.

MadRon offers a dedicated transport facility for your bike from the UK with 4 carefully chosen locations North/Midlands/West/South.  The details usually flesh themselves out closer to the event date.

MadRon also offers a bespoke collection by negotiation, the price reflects a service radiating out from the midlands. We can carry up to 6 motorcycles (same price as one).

We are thrilled to announce that the renowned MadRon Enduro event has found its new home in Porto.  After its inception in the Algarve back in 2015, MadRon has now settled in this vibrant city, ready for its second epic edition. We are excited to collaborate with our friends from XL Lagares in Porto. Together, we aim to elevate the event to new heights. MadRon has achieved a cult-like following among riders and enthusiasts. Its reputation precedes it, promising an unforgettable experience. Operating MadRon in Porto is seamless, thanks to the support of our partners. We uphold professionalism and legitimacy throughout. Porto offers diverse landscapes for riders with challenging trails, scenic routes, and adrenaline-packed sections. While the riding experience is more diverse, the heart of MadRon remains unchanged; the spirit of adventure, camaraderie, and passion for enduro. Beyond the trails, Porto is a cultural gem. Explore historic streets, indulge in local cuisine, and unwind in fantastic hotels and bars.

Let’s make MadRon 2024 an unforgettable chapter.

The event course is strategically designed to accommodate riders of different skill levels. It starts with the main MadRon route, which serves as the foundation for the entire event. This route offers relatively smoother and average technical terrain, allowing riders to warm up and get into the rhythm. Along the main route, there are designated points where harder routes branch off. These offshoots are graded according to their difficulty and lead riders to challenging sections, incorporating slippery climbs, gullies, steep descents and tight singletracks.

MadRon is not timed. Instead you are encouraged to try, take your time, ride with your friends and finish. Other than that MadRon is run identically to any hard enduro and as such is considered a great cost effective platform to hard enduro.

  • PROLOGUE – short, sharp test route of approximately 60 minutes to help you and us gauge you’re skill level.
  • DAY 1
  • DAY 2
  • DAY 3

Hard Enduro is a sub-genre of off-road motorcycle racing that emphasizes extreme off-road challenges.

It typically involves races that are held on extremely challenging terrain, often including steep climbs and descents, rocky terrain, and deep mud or water crossings. These races test the endurance and skills of the riders, as well as the toughness and reliability of their motorcycles.

Hard Enduro events are often held in remote locations, and can last for several hours or even days. They are also known for their spectacular and sometimes dangerous obstacles, which can include high jumps, narrow bridges, and steep cliffs.

The sport has gained popularity in recent years, attracting riders and spectators from all over the world. It is considered to be one of the most challenging forms of off-road motorcycle racing, and is a true test of the rider’s strength, skill, and determination

The name MadRon is derived from the locally distilled Aguardente de Medronhos which is a traditional fruit brandy obtained from the fruit of the Medronho bush that grows wild in the rural regions in which we ride. Mad-Ron was born out of a particularly “tricky” evening.

You can pronounce it however you like, but we call it Mad-Ron because that is what it does.

The written form is “MadRon”.

MadRon is as “Easy” or as “Hard” as you choose.

At the core of each days route is a loop that’s accessible to riders that like a engaging trail with a handful of awkward sections, this is great for scenery and to enjoy with friends. This route is called MadRon and it is enough for most riders.

Along the main route, there are designated points where harder routes branch off. These offshoots are graded according to their difficulty and lead riders to more challenging sections.

We monitor all of this using live GPS and log your achievements accordingly.

At roughly halfway along the route MadRon will establish a pop-up service point with water, refreshments and fuel. The refreshments are free, but the fuel you will be expected to pay for (carry some cash).

A gps or gps device is an like a satnav for offroad. We load on a route which shows as a line on your screen. You then navigate along the route by keeping the line in the middle of your screen.

A list of suitable GPS Devices is listed below.


Unlike more formal hard enduro events you leave when you are ready, either in a small group or alone, it’s your choice. Static and riding marshals will monitor areas and offer some help and encouragement, then sweepers will close the track after the last rider has passed through.

You are required to bring your own GPS. Please use the GPS section below to find out which units we can upload our tracks to.

All participants will be monitored live using the latest GPS tracking system. This technology allows us to analytically monitor a riders progress through a days worth of geofences and beacons. This is perfect for safety and we plan to broadcast this information live.

By offering optional challenging looped excursions along the main route MadRon has always been inclusive to all abilities. But now, by leveraging this GPS tracking technology, excursions will add to an informal list of personal achievements throughout the 4 days.

These excursions will vary in technicality but will be clearly labelled. An excursion could be a hard to reach way point, a timed special test or both.

Porto is a city located in the northwest of Portugal. It is one of the oldest cities in the country and is known for its rich history, architecture, and cultural heritage. It is located along the Douro River and is renowned for its port wine production.

Porto is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the world with its unique charm, breathtaking landscapes, and a wide range of attractions. Some of the most popular sights in Porto include the Ribeira neighbourhood, the Clérigos Tower, the São Francisco Church, the Palácio da Bolsa, and the Porto Cathedral.

In addition to its historic and cultural landmarks, Porto also boasts a vibrant nightlife and a thriving food scene. Porto has something for everyone.

Extreme (Choose)

Ride the MadRon route and as many of the marked extreme excursion that you can. Guaranteed to stop you in your tracks, it’s a real workout for any rider.

MadRon (Choose)

Just the MadRon route, challenging but do-able. And if you are feeling brave, just have a go at one or two of the extreme sections.

Guided (Choose)

Join local MadRon guides to enjoy a percentage of the MadRon route with plenty of scenic breaks, coffee stops and a relaxing lunch.

Video, Interviews and Social Media



to be confirmed…….








We monitor you LIVE.

Each rider is equipped with a transponder to constantly track their position and transmit it to headquarters. The monitoring device is securely placed at the top of the rider’s backpack, enabling seamless two-way communication with HQ. This setup allows riders to send SOS alerts and allows HQ to contact them if they’ve been stationary for an extended period. This system greatly enhances MadRon’s ability to precisely monitor and ensure the security of riders, providing assurance that they are under constant surveillance.


GASGAS Motorcycle rental options are available through Enduro Code. Expertly prepared for hard enduro and with full service package. Enduro Code are XL Lagares and therefore you cannot find better setup knowledge for the local terrain.  Please make direct contact with them at:

GUIDED TOUR (choose)

Last year, two riders brought their dads with them, complete with bikes, for “a final hurrah”! We arranged a guide to accompany them allowing them to ride some of the easier sections and to stop and view the more technical stuff. I beleive there was a good few coffee stops along the route. Both dads had the time of their lives, and injected a sense of mischief that added a fresh dynamic to the event. They returned home feeling rejuvenated – it was truly magical.

We would be honoured to provide a similar experience for your moms, dads, and others.
Just enroll them in MadRon and click “guided ride”. Then ensure they have a manageable bike and we will take care of the rest.


Ride in and forget for – €80

Eighty euros covers the 3 evenings during the event (not the last day). You will be expected to pay for parts and significant consumables. Most parts are stocked including extreme tyres, mousses, pads, levers and filters. Professional mechanics. Bikes are transferred into Parc Ferme after service. Bring cash with you to be paid following signing on.

GPS DEVICES we can use.

Compatible gps devices are those that operate to a specific standard that we can easily upload the routes to.

There are not enough track tapes (markers) to navigate the routes therefore you must bring your own GPS. Please clear the memory beforehand as it will be deleted. As soon as you arrive please hand over your GPS to us for the initial days track. When you return in the evenings your GPS must be handed in for the next days route.

Colorado Series:

Colorado 300, Colorado 400c, Colorado 400i,
Colorado 400t

Dakota Series:

Dakota 10, Dakota 20

eTrex Series:

eTrex 10, eTrex 20, eTrex 30, eTrex 30x,
eTrex Legend C, eTrex Legend CX, eTrex Legend H, eTrex Legend HCX
eTrex Summit HCSave
eTrex Venture CX, eTrex Venture HC
eTrex Vista C, eTrex Vista CX, eTrex Vista H, eTrex Vista HCX

Foretrex Series:

Foretrex 101, Foretrex 201, Foretrex 301, Foretrex 401

GPS Series:

GPS 60

GPSMap Series:

GPSMap 60, GPSMap 60 C, GPSMap 60 CSX, GPSMap 60 CX
GPSMap 62, GPSMap 62 S, GPSMap 62 SC, GPSMap 62 ST
GPSMap 62 STC, GPSMap 64 S, GPSMap 64ST
GPSMap 76 C, GPSMap 76 CS, GPSMap 76 CSX, GPSMap 76 CX
GPSMap 78, GPSMap 78 S, GPSMap 78 SC
GPSMap 276 C, GPSMap 376 C, GPSMap 378, GPSMap 478

Montana Series:

Montana 600, Montana 650, Montana 650 T

Nüvi Series:

Nüvi 500, Nüvi 550

Oregon Series:

Oregon 200, Oregon 300, Oregon 400 C, Oregon 400 i, Oregon 450, Oregon 450 T, Oregon 550, Oregon 550 T, Oregon 600

Rino Series:

Rino 520, Rino 530, Rino 610, Rino 650, Rino 520 HCX, Rino 530 HCX, Rino 655 T

Zumo Series:

Zumo 220, Zumo 340LM, Zumo 550, Zumo 590LM, Zumo 660, Zumo 665

What is included

and what is not

  • THE EVENT - included

    Payment of the entry fee gives you access to the bike storage and the event’s GPS tracks. Prologue + 3 days. Fuel is not included.

    Further info on service and service points coming soon – Julian 07/02/2024

  • BIKE TRANSPORT - available option


    We transport your bike from the UK to Portugal and then back again. Unless by prior negotiation and quotation you are now responsible to bring your equipment directly to us at one of 3 delivery/collection points. These points are to be confirmed but will be strategically located North, Midlands and South.  They will be unloaded at the secure paddock / pits outside Porto. Your bikes and kit are handled with the utmost care so they arrive ready for you to “trash” at your will.

    Your bike will be required on ************ and will be returned on the *************.

    *could be earlier/later being dependant upon 3rd party timetable.


    If you are travelling from Germany please contact Andreas Haertl at

  • Parc Ferme - Secure over-night parking - included

    It is very strongly suggested and requested that bikes are not taken into Porto. There is secure parking with official police guard at parc ferme. Parc ferme is located in a small village 20 mins outside of Porto.

    Parc ferme is also the start/finish each day

    Ferreirinha, Foz do Sousa, Portugal – map

  • ACCOMMODATION - not included

    The convenience of the Monchique Spa is the only element of a previous Algarve MadRon that we cannot replicate. That said, there are some truly stunning hotels and restaurants in Porto so you are not spoilt for choice in the slightest. Because it would be impossible to second guess what each group values we have decided it is sensible for parties to book their own accommodation. Your aim, for hassle free travel to parc ferme should be to look for a hotel to the north east of Porto…north of the river at very least.

    Parc Ferme is 15 mins east of Porto centre. There is plenty of parking

    You will need a hire car.

    CAMPING (tent or campervan). Basic camping facilities are available at Parc Ferme and is a lovely location right on the edge of the suburbs. Communal showers/WC onsite

  • MEALS - not included

    Meals are NOT Included. Because everybody is different, you are free to make your own choices regarding when, where and what you eat.

  • FLIGHTS - not included

    BOOK YOUR OWN – Flights to Porto, Portugal – Book and Pay for your own flights (approx £75)

  • TRANSFERS - not included

    It is also your responsibility to arrange either a hire car, a taxi or use the metro. The bikes are all kept in a compound about 20 minutes outside of Porto so you will need ongoing transport over the event days.

What to do and when

scroll left for more timeline info….

MadRon Team

Julian Rapp
Main Organiser of MadRon.
Katie Rapp
aka "Boot Camp"
Paulo Melicia
The mind behind the famous Extreme XL Lagares race. An expert in building trails, knows the whole region like the palm of his hand.
Paul Ellis Smith
Filipe Neves
Wendy Ellis Smith
Merch coming soon

Rider List

  1. Andrew Yarlett
  2. Lisa Bowman
  3. William Bowman
  4. Matthew Sutton
  5. Sam Cave
  6. Tony Cave
  7. David Flynn
  8. Nick Haines
  9. Jamie Price
  10. Keith Jenkins
  11. Daniel Shore
  12. Russell Hancock
  13. Matt Hancock
  14. Carl Venter
  15. Jake Venter
  16. Mark Hickinbotham
  17. Darren Gwyther
  18. Richard Manser
  19. Cliff Barnett
  20. Pete Farwell
  21. Rob Parry
  22. Steve Norbury
  23. Blake Summers
  24. Martin Jakeman
  25. Jonny Wadsworth
  26. Lee Ramsey
  27. Saxon Nel
  28. Terry Manship
  29. Dylan Wright
  30. Jon Ellis Smith
  31. Steven Jones
  32. Mark Lewis
  33. Ian Worrall
  34. Nigz Lewis
  35. Tim Woodhouse
  1. Neil Marshall
  2. Tommy Griffiths
  3. Richard Wozencroft
  4. Mark Rushton
  5. Roger Hawkins
  6. Andrew Waite
  7. Gary Bowden
  8. Danny Haskett
  9. Nick Walter
  10. Adam Heathcote
  11. Mark Newman
  12. Andrew Abbott
  13. Lee Hargreaves
  14. Lee Witchell
  15. Martin Ridge
  16. Dominic Barnes
  17. Chris Green
  18. Gavin Larkin
  19. Kevin Snowdon
  20. John Hirst
  21. Mark Plain
  22. Leon Dean
  23. Darren Stephenson
  24. Grant Gillender
  25. Seb Chilvers
  26. Lukasz Radwanski
  27. Brian Roper
  28. Scott Roper
  29. Ben Roper
  30. Hudson Roper
  31. Pete Johnson
  32. Tim Metcalf
  33. Gregory Simon
  34. Tamsin Jones
  35. George Hanscomb
  36. Francisco Santos
  37. Joseph Wain
  38. Trevor Carlton-King
  1. Chris Taylor
  2. Daniel Fairman
  3. Clive Town
  4. Paul Read
  5. Jack Bagshaw
  • White = Pending
  • Yellow = Deposit processed
  • Red = Balance due
  • Green = PAID IN FULL
  • Strikethrough = cancellation pending