6th – 9th November 2019





6th - 9th November 2019


£995 after August 31st

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WHY “X-RON” for 2019

Due to an ownership and resulting copyright issue the 2019 MadRon Hard Enduro will be referred to and branded as X-RON until resolved

Picking up your bike


Saturday 16th November between 9:00 till 10.00 hrs

Colthrop Lane,
RG19 4NT


Saturday 16th November between 14.00 till 16.00 hrs

Coventry Rd,
CV47 1BG


Sunday 17th November 09.00 ’till 11.00 hrs

Monksbridge Rd,
S25 3QS

A big party with awesome riding..

MadRon is a Hard Enduro Rally staged over four consecutive days. Hard Enduro is technical riding designed to test your skills and stamina over natural obstacles. With an average speed of less than 8 kph it’s a mash-up of trials riding, rally and determination.

Like other events of this type MadRon uses a GPS and a few hanging tapes to mark the 50-80 km route. The event centres upon the mountain village of Monchique on the south coast of Portugal, just north of Portimao and about one hour from Faro airport.

The name MadRon is derived from the locally distilled Aguardente de Medronhos which is a traditional fruit brandy obtained from the fruit of the Medronho bush that grows wild in the rural regions in which we ride.

Four guys met in Monchique through a mutual acquaintance way back in 2008, they became good friends and dreamt of their own event called Mad-Ron. It wasn’t until 2015 that the friends Julian Rapp, Tyron Brudvig, Danny Tuta and Max Allen took their first step with 15 paying riders. Although Tyron left shortly after the first event, MadRon now carves it’s own path from this simple format.

Over the years the event has grown steadily with hardcore patronage and in 2017 needed to move to the largest hotel just outside Monchique that offers the outstanding facilities now expected, with an audio visual meeting room, signing-on area, Robbo’s live lounge, secure, warm and well lit underground-parking, 2 x restaurants, 2 x bars, a shop, 2 x heated swimming pools, spa treatments and a gym. The Monchique Resort and Spa has 160 rooms so there’s room for growth.

The team has grown a fair bit and each year they all give their time for surprising little return to build the brand and reputation. In 2018 MadRon welcomed, for the first time, riders from Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

MadRon’s tracks, it’s core value, heart and quality make it an authentic bucket list event. It’s now referred to in the same breath as the best events in Europe, but with cheap flights, inclusive transport and such a fantastic luxury boutique hotel it’s truly in a league of its own.

World renowned photographers return for 2019





Raid on Monchique – marshalled ride through the streets of Monchique for a group photograph and liaison at the prologue.

Prologue – Short sharp but fun evaluation of your skills. Also its a great introduction to following the GPS – approx 45 mins


North Loop – easier going with a few challenging feature areas. Chicken routes are available by following the alternative markers, these are the switching points. If you’d like to permanently switch to the easier track now is the time to call up the easy route on your GPS. This will now avoid all the really hard sections.


Extreme Loop – located to the east of Monchique, this is a full day of technical riding. As before, easier routes are marked.


Final Loop – is new and designed to bring everybody back into the town centre for photos at the finish.


and switch at your leisure.

“What is GPS”

You bring your own GPS unit (see list of acceptable devices). The units sit on your bars and act as your personal guide. They also act as log of where you have been.Almost all multiple day, hard enduro events use GPS. For MadRon you definitely need a gps. If you are not confident using one then you need to be with somebody that is. Every day your GPS unit will be loaded with the appropriate EASY & HARD .gpx files. Each file is displayed as a line on the screen of your GPS. You follow this line closely to guide you around the route. Along the routes there are occasional hanging tapes to affirm the designation of the route and that you are correct.

List Devices

Amazing Luxury Accommodation

In 2016 we secured a deal with the Macdonald Monchique Spa & Resort.

You now enjoy 5 star luxury accommodation with a choice of restaurants. You get underground secure parking for your bike. And all this meters from the trails.Macdonald Monchique Resort & Spa is the only resort in this undiscovered area of rural Portugal that combines 5-star hospitality and modern design with unspoilt surroundings and breathtaking views of the rolling mountains and coast.
Featuring beautifully appointed suites, an indulgent spa, high-end dining options and a wealth of activities available both in the resort and nearby, this idyllic retreat enjoys an enviable location in the ever sunny mountainous woodlands in the western Algarve. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, an action-packed adventure holiday or a lavish family break, you’ll discover something special at this charming resort.

  • THE EVENT - included

    Payment of the entry fee gives you access to the bike storage and the event’s GPS tracks. Fuel is not included – see note on Fuel

  • BIKE TRANSPORT - included

    The service is from the UK to Portugal and back to the UK.We transport your bike from the UK to Portugal and then back again. Unless by prior negotiation and quotation you are now responsible to bring your equipment directly to us at the central delivery points. They will be unloaded at the Hotel, Monchique. Your bikes and kit are handled with the utmost care so they arrive ready for you to “trash” at your will.Your bike will be required on Saturday 26th October* and will be returned on the ? November*.*could be earlier/later being dependent upon 3rd party timetable.

  • ACCOMMODATION - included

    5 NIGHTS of 5 star ACCOMMODATION & BREAKFAST at the luxury spa hotel Macdonald Monchique. Based upon sharing a twin room.

  • MEALS - not included

    Lunchtime and Evening meals are NOT Included. Because everybody is different, you are free to make your own choices regarding when, where and what you eat. There’s many great places to try from the Hotel restaurant to the local Pizza place and also “A Rampa” on the road up to Foia it is one of the best family owned Piri Piri Chicken restaurants in the area.

  • FLIGHTS - not included

    BOOK YOUR OWN – Flights to Faro, Portugal – Book and Pay for your own flights (approx £75) – Your bikes will be available from 9:00am on the 5th November and must be ready to load by the morning of the 10th November.

    There could be an ISDE add on available soon.

  • TRANSFERS - not included

    It is also your responsibility to arrange a either a hire car , a taxi or a coach transfer to and from your hotel. Whilst the hotel is close to the small village of Caldes de Monchique, there are no shops and everything else requires a vehicle.

    Out of season, hire cars are very cheap if you book at least a week in advance.

Timeline (what to do and when)


Main Organiser of MadRon.
Event co-ordination
Simon, (imposter), Adam, Mark & Phil

Rider List

Name Team
1 Steve Davis JM Racing
2 Tony White JM Racing
3 Anton Nicholls
4 Matt Lane JM Racing
5 Matthew Jordon JM Racing
6 Nicholas Walter
7 Angel Luis Munoz Diaz Extreme Madrid
8 Keith Jenkins Rockingham
9 Ian Worrall Rockingham
10 Keith Jenkins #3
11 Keith Jenkins #4
12 Keith Jenkins #5
13 Keith Jenkins #6
14 Keith Jenkins #7
15 Keith Jenkins #8
16 Dale Becker
17 Gavin Larkin Larkin
18 Grant Gillender Larkin
19 Mark Pierpoint Larkin
20 Kevin Sowden Larkin
21 Mark Halley Larkin
22 Shaun Armstrong Larkin
23 Jeremy Ashby Rayson
24 Mick Rayson Rayson
25 Simon Nutter Rayson
26 Dominic Barnes Barnes / Walters
27 Damian Law Rayson
28 Charles Smith Barnes / Walters
29 Jamie McIntyre Barnes / Walters
30 Patrick Gaughan Rayson
31 Tony Cave #1 Team Dang
32 Tony Cave #2 Team Dang
33 Brian Roper Hillcrest
34 Darcy Coop JM Racing
35 Stephen Thomas Thomas
36 Andy Hartl Hartl
37 Christoph Hartl Hartl
38 Michael Haase Hartl
39 Alfons Schmid Hartl
40 Bogo Vatovec Hartl
41 Michael Hinterseer Hartl
42 Torsten Amthor Hartl
43 Holger Habeck Hartl
44 Alex Little JM Racing
45 John Trevor Data Space
46 Neil Trevor Data Space
47 Paul Groscot Data Space
48 Paul Trevor Data Space
49 Allan Price Price
50 Tommy Verrall JM Racing
Name Team
51 Amber Lock Team Lock Racing Australia
52 Owen Lock Team Lock Racing Australia
53 Gemma Rose Holtham Race Services
54 Charles Cowper Data Space
55 Neil Challice
56 James Poulter Poulter
57 Richard Mills Poulter
58 Christian Edwards Poulter
59 Robert Montrose Poulter
60 Andy Steward Poulter
61 Justin Denn Justin
62 Steve Massey Poulter
63 Carl Taylor Poulter
64 Richard Manser 5 Star Precision
65 Richard Manser #2 5 Star Precision
66 Dominic McSheehey JM Racing
67 Andrew Black JM Racing
68 Steve Norbury Tena lady “Discreet”
69 Geoff Brigden Gbpanelcraft
70 Jordan Brigden Gbpanelcraft
75 Matt Sinclair Rockingham
72 Jamie Price + 1 non rider
73 Chris Hamer
74 Mike Fredriksen Loddon Vale TRF
75 Andrew Gilden Loddon Vale TRF
76 Joe Beard Challice
77 Philip Thompson
78 James Cruickshanks Thompson
79 Mark Kemp Price
80 Stephen Mulliner
81 Steve Makin Price
82 Chris Green
83 Peter Johnson
84 Vince Byde

Official Partners of MadRon