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After the great successes in 2015 / 2016 / 2017

MadRon is a GPS based “Hard Enduro” around the forests and mountains above the Algarve.

In 2015 Danny Tuta and Julian Rapp stuck their toes in the water. Buoyed up by the support 2016 was a massive step up. In 2017 we added the 5 star luxury of The MacDonald Monchique Boutique Hotel.  Now in 2018 again with the all inclusive bike transport, luxury 5 star accommodation, 4 hard days riding and great nights of partying, MadRon is definitely on its way to becoming an annual pilgrimage for the Extreme rider. We promise you more feature sections and more single trail.

“you may lose your sense of humour after a long day of 5-8 hours, but that’s the way its designed”

We transport your bike from the UK

other countries by negotiation

Andy Haertl transports your bike from Germany

other countries by negotiation


Probably the greatest track in the……..

4 days of Hard Riding.

Extreme feature sections linked with fantastic GPS’d routes.

5 x nights Luxury Accommodation

– Prices based upon 2 people sharing a room

– Single supplement available

Amazing Luxury Accommodation

In 2016 we secured a deal with the Macdonald Monchique Spa & Resort.

You now enjoy 5 star luxury accommodation with a choice of restaurants. You get underground secure parking for your bike. And all this meters from the trails.

Macdonald Monchique Resort & Spa is the only resort in this undiscovered area of rural Portugal that combines 5-star hospitality and modern design with unspoilt surroundings and breathtaking views of the rolling mountains and coast.
Featuring beautifully appointed suites, an indulgent spa, high-end dining options and a wealth of activities available both in the resort and nearby, this idyllic retreat enjoys an enviable location in the ever sunny mountainous woodlands in the western Algarve. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, an action-packed adventure holiday or a lavish family break, you’ll discover something special at this charming resort.

The Serra de Monchique is a chain of mountains in the western part of the Algarve

It is the southwesternmost mountain range of the Iberian Peninsula. The chain’s highest point is the peak of Fóia, at 902 meters. Picota is another notable peak at 774 meters. It is covered in forest but many parts of the range are intensively cultivated and have been transformed into eucalyptus, pine and acacia plantations all detrimental to the native forest cover.

Is it a Race ?

There is always a natural urge to race within our sport !

For safety MadRon already note morning departure and then the return in the evening.

But, each year we get feedback from ours riders and almost always this reflects a interesting change of opinion.

When arriving at MadRon, it’s all about timing. But when leaving, the lack of timing is a virtue. We are struggling to get our heads around this because it really wasn’t in the plan.

Each morning your GPS is returned to you with that day’s routes

You leave when you are ready either in a small group or alone, it’s your choice. Static and riding marshals will monitor areas and offer some help and encouragement, then sweepers will close the track after the last rider has passed through.


Compatible gps devices are those that operate to a specific standard that we can easily upload the routes to.
There are not enough track tapes (markers) to navigate the routes therefore you must bring your own GPS. Please clear the memory beforehand as it will be deleted. As soon as you arrive please hand over your GPS to us for the initial days track. When you return in the evenings your GPS must be handed in for the next days route.

List Devices

World renowned photographers for 2018





Julian Rapp

Julian Rapp


Main organiser of the MadRon and wielder of the big stick,

Danny Tuta

Danny Tuta


Monchique local and the key to MadRon know how.

Katie Rapp (Boot Camp)

Katie Rapp (Boot Camp)


Event Admin and law enforcement.

Julian "Jodok" Heer

Julian "Jodok" Heer

The go to guy for destruction.

Our very favourite Canadian/Swiss Firefighting Arborist.

Max Allen

Max Allen

X-Dept (extreme track scouting and lunch testing)

"I have a new track to show you"

Adam Keil

Adam Keil

The Transport guy....and general tester.

Adam is ATK Transport. He organises your bikes to be at the MadRon.




In consideration of my (the participant) being permitted to utilise the training, practice, event facility and routes organised by Julian Rapp, I agree to save harmless and keep indemnified Julian Rapp, his Officials, Servants and Representatives or Agents, the Landowner and other persons using this facility, from and against all actions, claims, costs, expenses and demands in respect to death or of bodily injury to or damage to the property of myself howsoever caused, arising out of or in connection with my participating in Training/practice/event and notwithstanding that the same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of the said bodies or persons, their Officials, Servants, Representatives or Agents.

I understand that should I at the time of this event be suffering from any disability or condition whether permanent, temporary or otherwise which is likely to affect prejudicially my control of the vehicle, and/or represent a danger to myself or other persons, I may not take part.

Neither party shall be liable in damages or have the right to terminate this agreement for any delay or default in performing here-under if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its control including but not limited to acts of God, government restrictions (including the denial or cancellation of any export of other necessary license), wars, insurrections and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is affected (including mechanical, electronic, or communications failure).


(£845 if booked before August 1st 2018)

Entries Close on the 30th September 2018 / all balances to be paid by 30th September


1 Gavin Hunt Rylance
2 Phil Kirk Rylance
3 Julian Rylance Rylance
4 Simon McClean Rylance
5 Tommy Verral
6 Jamie Price Ellis-Smith
7 Steve Davies
8 Dominic Mcsheehy Mcsheehy
9 Robert Montrose Montrose
10 Tony White
11 Steve Norbury Ellis-Smith
12 Paul Ellis Smith Ellis-Smith
13 Stuart McSheehy Mcsheehy
14 Keith Jenkins Jenkins
15 Ian Worrell Jenkins
16 Mark Hingingbottom Jenkins
17 Malcolm Russell Jenkins
18 Steve Saunders Jenkins
19 Michael Butlin Jenkins
20 Rob Sewell Jenkins
21 Ian Kane Jenkins
22 Martin Jakeman Jenkins
23 Tony Cave Jenkins
24 Andy Steward Poulter
25 Neil Challis
26 Wayne Kerr Rylance
27 Blake Summers Ellis-Smith
28 Dale Becker
29 Justin Denn
30 Paul Martin
31 Glen Eldon
32 Miguel Muntaner Jenkins
33 James Meston
34 James Poulter Montrose
35 Steve Massey Montrose
36 Craig Parkes Rylance
37 Stuart Hay
38 Allan price
39 Carl Taylor Montrose
40 Bogo Vatovec Hartl
41 Michael Haase Hartl
42 Torsten Amthor Hartl
43 Michael Hinterseer Hartl
44 Holger Habeck Hartl
45 Alfons Schmit Hartl
46 Peter Nesuta Hartl
47 Klaus Huemer Hartl
48 Sabrina Brey Hartl
49 Andreas Hartl Hartl
50 Stephen Thomas
51 Michael Rayson Gaughan
52 Simon Nutter Gaughan
53 Patrick Gaughan Gaughan
54 Stephen Leaming
55 Gemma Holtham RappRacing
56 Wendy Ellis-Smith Ellis-Smith
57 Jeremy Ashby Gaughan
58 Simon Shaw
59 Shaun Benson
60 Christian Edwards Montrose
61 Gavin Larkin
62 Gavin Larkin#2
63 Gavin Larkin#3
64 Wouter-Jan van Dijk
65 Paul McKie
66 Steve Bird
67 Stephen Head
68 Michael Ryda Hartl
69 Martina Ryda Hartl
70 Mark Pierpoint
71 Darcy Coop
72 Darcy Coop #2


Working lights:  There is always a chance you will arrive home in the dark. We also suggest you carry/fit a head torch.

Fully Road Legal:  Your bike should be fully UK road legal. Documents should be kept with the bike at all times.

Tools:  Please carry a tool kit for your bike.

Mobile phone:  At least capable of international calls. A smartphone with Google maps of the area pre-downloaded could save your bacon if you get lost or need an alternative route home as many of the tracks, only meters from where we ride, are actually part of the road network. Google maps will actually navigate you out from the deepest forests.

Tyres: Tyres with large tread, such as Mitas 754 are proven to be NOT your best option. The terrain is not muddy, but has a lot of grit instead, this generally gives a lot of grip especially when wet, so a medium/soft rear with regular FIM tread such as a Mitas EF07 single green is the way forward. One set of tyres will generally hang on for the three and a bit days.

Mousses: With a lot of large sharp sticks in the ground. Unless you are carrying ALL the equipment to change a tube, Mousses really should be used. You are at best, a horrible push away from the nearest road.

Bike Protection:

  • Sump protection is most definitely required
  • Exposed linkage protection is highly recommended.
  • Clutch/stator cover protection is advised.
  • Hand Guards are definitely essential (wrap-arounds if you’re a serial crasher)
  • Disc Guards are optional, bent disc are rare, but do happen.

Fuel: PLEASE BRING A 10LTR PLASTIC FUEL CONTAINER. Routes are based upon a standard 2T fuel tank with a range of 50 miles, we try to use existing fuel stations where possible, so you will need to carry Euros and some 2 stroke oil. At other times we will create a remote fuel point, usually with a van at the end of one of the gps sections. When instructed you will need to use your own fuel container and leave fuel/oil/snacks in a defined place in the morning.

Please can you endeavour to use a hire car and fuel container to refill your bikes overnight.

GPS and GPS Mount:  See GPS section.


Great Entertainment

The enigmatic Peyoti tours the globe with his infectious Funk, Soul and Latin grooves.


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