3rd – 6th November 2017

(4 days riding)


“The event is not timed…all you have to do is finish!”

4 Days of Extreme Riding

5 Nights of Luxury 5 Star Accommodation


Algarve, Portugal

After the great success in 2016, which caught a lot of people out, MadRon is definitely on its way to becoming an annual pilgrimage for the Extreme rider. MadRon is a GPS based “Hard Enduro” around the forests and secret spots in the mountains above the Algarve. It’s a proper test of skill and suited to the lighter enduro bikes.

“you may lose your sense of humour after a long day of 5-8 hours, but that’s the way its designed”

We Transport your bikes from UK to Portugal.

Each morning your GPS is returned to you with that day’s routes

You leave when you are ready either in a small group or alone, it’s your choice. Static and riding marshals will monitor areas and offer some help and encouragement, then sweepers will close the track after the last rider has passed through.

Routes designed with 2 strokes in mind.

£ 885.00 – £ 795.00*

  • The Event
  • Bike Transport from the UK (and back).
  • Luxury accommodation

*early bird price

We Transport your bikes from UK to Portugal.

MadRon 2016 Magazine Feature


Click to view Macdonald Hotels & Resort in a new page.We have secured a deal with the Macdonald Monchique. So now you have 5 star luxury accommodation right on the doorstep added to the MadRon experience.

Macdonald Monchique Resort & Spa is the only resort in this undiscovered area of rural Portugal that combines 5-star hospitality and modern design with unspoilt surroundings and breathtaking views of the rolling mountains and coast.
Featuring beautifully appointed suites, an indulgent spa, high-end dining options and a wealth of activities available both in the resort and nearby, this idyllic retreat enjoys an enviable location in the ever sunny mountainous woodlands in the western Algarve.
Whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway, an action-packed adventure holiday or a lavish family break, you’ll discover something special at this charming resort.

  • THE EVENT - included

    Payment of the entry fee gives you access to the bike storage and the event’s GPS tracks. Fuel is not included – see note on Fuel

  • BIKE TRANSPORT - included

    The service is from the UK to Portugal and back to the UK.

    We transport your bike from the UK to Portugal and then back again. Unless by prior negotiation and quotation you are now responsible to bring your equipment directly to us at the central delivery point close to the Junction 2 of the M50. They will be unloaded at the Hotel, Monchique. Your bikes and kit are handled with the utmost care so they arrive ready for you to “trash” at your will.

    Your bike will be required on Saturday 28th October* and will be returned on the 12/13th November*.

    *could be earlier/later being dependant upon 3rd party timetable.

  • ACCOMMODATION - included

    5 NIGHTS of 5 star ACCOMMODATION & BREAKFAST at the luxury spa hotel Macdonald Monchique. Based upon sharing a twin room.

  • MEALS - not included

    Lunchtime and Evening meals are NOT Included. Because everybody is different, you are free to make your own choices regarding when, where and what you eat. There’s many great places to try from the Hotel restaurant to the local Pizza place and also “A Rampa” on the road up to Foia it is one of the best family owned Piri Piri Chicken restaurants in the area.

  • FLIGHTS - not included

    BOOK YOUR OWN – Flights to Faro, Portugal – Book and Pay for your own flights (approx £75) – Your bikes will be available from 9:00am on the 2nd and must be ready to load by the morning of the 8th.

  • TRANSFERS - not included

    It is also your responsibility to arrange a either a hire car , a taxi or a coach transfer to and from your hotel. Whilst the hotel is close to the small village of Caldes de Monchique, there are no shops and everything else requires a vehicle.

    Out of season, hire cars are very cheap if you book at least a week in advance.

The Serra de Monchique (Monchique Range) is a chain of mountains in the western part of the Algarve and is the southwesternmost mountain range of the Iberian Peninsula. The chain’s highest point is the peak of Fóia, at 902 meters. Picota is another notable peak at 774 meters. It is covered in forest but many parts of the range are intensively cultivated and have been transformed into eucalyptus, pine and acacia plantations all detrimental to the native forest cover. 


Compatible gps devices are those that operate to a specific standard that we can easily upload the routes to.

There are not enough track tapes (markers) to navigate the routes therefore you must bring your own GPS. Please clear the memory beforehand as it will be deleted. As soon as you arrive please hand over your GPS to us for the initial days track. When you return in the evenings your GPS must be handed in for the next days route.



Working lights:  There is always a chance you will arrive home in the dark. We also suggest you carry/fit a head torch.

Fully Road Legal:  Your bike should be fully UK road legal. Documents should be kept with the bike at all times.

Tools:  Please carry a tool kit for your bike.

Mobile phone:  At least capable of international calls. A smartphone with Google maps of the area pre-downloaded could save your bacon if you get lost or need an alternative route home as many of the tracks, only meters from where we ride, are actually part of the road network. Google maps will actually navigate you out from the deepest forests.

Tyres: Tyres with large tread, such as Mitas 754 are proven to be NOT your best option. The terrain is not muddy, but has a lot of grit instead, this generally gives a lot of grip especially when wet, so a medium/soft rear with regular FIM tread such as a Mitas EF07 single green is the way forward. One set of tyres will generally hang on for the three and a bit days. 

Mousses: With a lot of large sharp sticks in the ground. Unless you are carrying ALL the equipment to change a tube, Mousses really should be used. You are at best, a horrible push away from the nearest road.

Bike Protection:

  • Sump protection is most definitely required.
  • Exposed linkage protection is highly recommended.
  • Clutch/stator cover protection is advised.
  • Hand Guards are definitely essential (wrap-arounds if you’re a serial crasher)
  • Disc Guards optional. Bent disc are rare but do happen.

Fuel:  Routes are based upon a standard 2T fuel tank with a range of 50 miles, we try to use existing fuel stations where possible, so you will need to carry Euros and some 2 stroke oil. At other times we use a remote fuel point, usually a van at the end of one of the gps sections. In this instance we will provide the fuel containers and monitor your use and either keep a float or reclaim the cash at the end of the day ( no money no fuel ).

GPS and GPS Mount:  See GPS section.


Julian Rapp

Julian Rapp

Big Stick

Main organiser of the MadRon and wielder of the big stick, keeper of the GPS files and provider of fresh batteries, wheel bearings and brake pads. Integrates ground based track scouting with the scouring of google maps which results in some treasured finds...and a lot of dead end ravines. Runs RappRacing UK organisers of logistics, mechanical support, enduro holidays, tours and events. A Romaniacs finisher in 2014 despite shearing off his gear leaver.

Rode 2017 Six days crazy job in Bulgaria

Now rides 250exc & 250excf

Danny Tuta

Danny Tuta

The other Big Stick

Joint organiser, steady hand, fixer and face of MadRon. Owns probably the coolest rustoration beetle ever and is king of the standup wheelie. He is a stylish and physical rider with fast developing extreme skills. Slightly too quick for himself on occasions and can destroy a bike, his kit, his phone, a gps and himself in seconds.

Likes to demonstrate the "surprise overhead pivot turn".

Now rides 300exc and 530exc

Katie Rapp (Boot Camp)

Katie Rapp (Boot Camp)


Event Admin and law enforcement. Probably the toughest gig for the 4 days of the event. She rides a KTM 125 exc like a yoof and only crashes on the really easy stuff. Recently also acquired a 250 freeride. Her world falls apart without a Mitas EF07 on the rear, a Metzeler 6 day on the front and a Cadbury’s Freddo in her backpack.

Julian "Jodok" Heer

Julian "Jodok" Heer

The go to guy for destruction.

Our very favourite Canadian/Swiss Firefighting Arborist. A valuable, loyal, hardworking member of the team who never quite made it back home to Canada after riding Romaniacs 2016.

Likes to bring a big hammer to the party with a Beta 430. Although in 2017 is saddled with a 250sxf.

Very funny and prone to an angry outburst or two.

After realising he was turning Portuguese 2016 went home, but like a feral tomcat has left various items of clothing for us to remember him by.

Jodok is back for more track prep in MadRon 2017

Max Allen

Max Allen

X-Dept (extreme track scouting and lunch testing)

Eats lots of lunch, rides a 450exc, loves his MK1 capri.

Used to own two planks of wood and six nails that now make up one of the MadRon bridges. Alas the bridge, probably due to the lack of nails, can now be viewed in bits and gently decomposing in the bottom of a ravine near Cansino.

If Max ever mentions "I have a new track to show you" you need to think long and hard about your current mental and physical resources because it will probably not be very "tracky". This flagrant attitude to peril has lead to a good percentage of our hardest tracks in 2016.

Adam Keil

Adam Keil

The Transport guy....and general tester.

Renowned user of the Hereford/Creole patois, Adam is ATK Transport. He organises your bikes to be at the MadRon. A late comer to the team once we‘d outgrown our previous transport facility. He’s a great rider and weilds an exc300. He has competed in ’16 Sea to Sky and is a great benchmark to gauge if a section is remotely do-able.


  • 28th October (Saturday) - Drop Bikes at Malvern between 10am and 12pm (as early as possible ideally)

    Drop Bikes at Malvern (postcode by request) between 10am and 12pm on Saturday morning (as early as possible ideally).  Please give Adam Keil (transport)

    1. a copy or original of your V5
    2. signed copy of our movement form
    3. your bike EMPTY of Fuel.
    4. A kit bag (SOFT BAG).
    5. Small box of spares/tools that will slide under your bike.
    6. 10/20 ltr plastic fuel can.

    Any transport questions should be directed to Adam directly.

    The warehouse belongs to Darren Gwyther, he has kindly let us use, it is secluded so theres loads of space, its safe and there is nobody overlooking.

    The gates for the industrial estate should be open, but if not please contact Adam or Darren.

    Due to the workload here in Monchique there is a very good chance I (Julian Rapp) will not be there to monitor the loading. Please direct all transport enquiries to Adam Keil.

    Useful numbers:

    Adam 07717 323356 (facebook)
    Darren 07973 239430
    Julian 07919 925830 (please send text or whatsapp if no reply)

  • 29th October - Bikes Leave UK
  • 1st November - Bikes arrive / unload
  • 2nd November - Riders to arrive at Hotel after 2pm.
  • 3rd November - Day 1 - Prologue - 13:00hrs onwards

    Collect your GPS from the underground car park after 13:00 hrs and leave when you are ready. There is a Liaison stage to get to the prologue area. This year the test is called “Three Hills”.

    RIDER BRIEFING in the Hotels conference suite @ 9pm

  • 4th November - Day 2

    Collect GPS and leave when you are ready. Please pass through the timing area to register a LEAVING time. Please pass through the timing area to register a RETURN time.

    MEETING in the Hotels conference suite @ 9pm

  • 5th November - Day 3

    Collect GPS and leave when you are ready. Please pass through the timing area to register a LEAVING time. Please pass through the timing area to register a RETURN time.

    MEETING in the Hotels conference suite @ 9pm

  • 6th November - Day 4

    Collect GPS and leave when you are ready. Please pass through the timing area to register a LEAVING time. Please pass through the timing area to register a RETURN time.

    MEETING in the Hotels conference suite @ 9pm – AWARDS!

  • 7th November - Bikes Load

    Bikes Loaded onto Truck – Please see Adam Keil is in charge of this aspect please ask him for details and any questions.

  • 8th November - Bikes Leave for UK
  • Sunday 11th - Collect Bikes from WR13 6NP



In consideration of my (the participant) being permitted to utilise the training, practice, event facility and routes organised by Julian Rapp, I agree to save harmless and keep indemnified Julian Rapp, his Officials, Servants and Representatives or Agents, the Landowner and other persons using this facility, from and against all actions, claims, costs, expenses and demands in respect to death or of bodily injury to or damage to the property of myself howsoever caused, arising out of or in connection with my participating in Training/practice/event and notwithstanding that the same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of the said bodies or persons, their Officials, Servants, Representatives or Agents.

I understand that should I at the time of this event be suffering from any disability or condition whether permanent, temporary or otherwise which is likely to affect prejudicially my control of the vehicle, and/or represent a danger to myself or other persons, I may not take part.

Neither party shall be liable in damages or have the right to terminate this agreement for any delay or default in performing here-under if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond its control including but not limited to acts of God, government restrictions (including the denial or cancellation of any export of other necessary license), wars, insurrections and/or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the party whose performance is affected (including mechanical, electronic, or communications failure).


(£795 if booked before June 30th / or as part of the bring a buddy discount)

Entries Close on the 30th September 2016 / all balances to be paid by 30th September

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