Business opportunities & Investment in MadRon

About the “MadRon Hard Enduro”…..

Organising MadRon is all about the love of extreme enduro, it’s the excuse to ride every day for weeks on end, it’s about the challenging riding and giving back to the local economy. It is most definitely not about the money. But as long as we can repair our bikes, pay for our meals, put fuel in the tanks and run the machinery to create the miles and miles of new extreme routes, despite being tired we are a very happy and committed group of friends.

2015 was the test bed…and we played very safe. Paul Bolton very kindly helped us out with two days of training that preceded the event.

2016 was a whole new animal and caught out a good percentage of the 2015 riders. With some memorable feature sections including: Doom, Area 51, 45 minutes, Not so bad, Labyrinth, Carlsberg, Powerline & Manifold. Not many people finished.

2017 is shaping up as expected and prospective bookings show a 50/50 split between returning and new riders.  However the most exciting statistic is the 75% returning rider rate, testament to the team’s efforts last year.

“If you build it they will come” is an often quoted film reference. The MadRon is a fully formed event with a solid core of skills, knowledge and financial history. It’s a youngster with awesome skills. Recognising when you have the skills but not the gravity to drive the business plan very hard is frustrating and realising that you need help is even harder.

Where we need your help…..

Professional rider/s or celebrities
Professional rider/s or celebrities wanted to bring cache to the event. Free bike transport for the race, get free race entry, come and train on the tracks, come and teach using our routes or ride the event.
Timing System
Simple RFID type system.
Promotion and Legal
Promotion and local liaison to ratify the event.
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Social

Secondary Duty…..

everybody will be expected to promote the event in any way they can.

Payment / Remuneration…..

We are very happy to discuss percentages, but fixed fees cannot be entertained.

MadRon has never made a loss, but equally has not made a nett profit either. But that’s good! We want you as part of a committed and loyal team. MadRon is financially transparent and nobody gets a free ride…

Please contact Julian Rapp